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khubani ka meetha
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Rich Khubani ka Meetha from Hyderabad

Rich Khubani ka Meetha from Hyderabad (or qubani ka meetha) is a traditional Hyderabadi dessert made from dried apricots. Khubani or Qubani or Khobani is Urdu for apricot. Remember to soak apricot’s in water overnight. Summer! As this season arrives, we start getting peaches, apricots and berries in the market. Especially apricots, as they mature early than all …

bombay karachi halwa
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Bombay Karachi Halwa Easy Homemade Recipe

Karachi Halwa or Bombay Halwa? The common saying of “Naam me kya rakha hai?” doesn’t stand a chance in here. Recipe of Karachi halwa- sweetmeat easily stands out for its bright colour, usually vibrant orange. Halwa is certainly a conventional aromatic Indian delicacy which is ready for most auspicious celebrations like religious functions celebrations and …

Donut Recipe
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Easy To Make Donut Recipe

The origin of donuts doesn’t lie in any specific country or time, as each era of culture has variations about the donuts that we relish. The first recipe of a doughnut was traced back in 1803 said in an English cookbook “Glazed America” by Paul Mullins. Doughnuts are deep-fried cakes made of yeast dough,rich in eggs, butter,spices. The actual sweetness was derived from the fruits and dusted with confectioners sugar. Donuts are devoured for breakfast or as snacks or dessert.