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Prawns Pualo- Noveg
Recipes Non- Vegetarian

Prawns Pulao

Did You Know ? 1.Prawns Pulao is good for heart A person with a healthy heart is actually a happy person. Prawn, like most seafood, is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids prevent the heart from suffering from various diseases as well as improve cardiovascular circulation. Thus regular consumption of Prawn is quite …

fisherwomen at fishmarket
Recipes Non- Vegetarian

Bombil Green Curry from Bombay

Growing up in a Maharashtrian non-vegetarian family, our Sunday’s used to generally consist of seafood. My mother especially loves eating seafood and I love accompanying her by consuming bombay duck- goldenish crispy but tender fish. Whenever I used to visit the fish market with my mother, the fisherwomen (also know as “kolin” in marathi) used …