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How to make a hand sanitizer


With unlock 1.0 here, people have started stepping out of their houses after almost a 2 and a half month. However, with increase in numbers in COVID-19 patients, safety and precautions needs to be taken. Essentials like, masks, gloves, handwash, sanitizers are becoming more prominent part of our lives then it was before.

When it comes to preventing the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19, nothing beats good old-fashioned handwashing.

But if water and soap aren’t available, your next best option, according to WHO, is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.

Due to increase in demand in alcohol-based sanitizers, the availability of this essential commodity has dropped drastically. Also, the prices of these sanitizers have increased exponentially.

sanitizers and its prices.

However, WHO has already provided the formula for the creation of this essential product on their website. And considering the situation around, it is safer and also easy to make hand sanitizers at home.

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How to make a hand sanitizer ?

You Will need to buy certain things from chemist-

Rubbing Alcohol or any alcohol with alc content of atleast 60% v/vrubbing alcohol
Vitamin E tabletvitamin-e tablet
Body oil (optional)body oil
Aloe Gel (if natural aloe vera not available)aloe gel 1

That’s It!

How to make hand sanitizer at home in easy way

  1. If possible use measurements or you can also approximate the values and add.
  2. Atleast 60% of alcohol is required in aloe vera gel in order to call it a sanitizer.
  3. Rubbing alcohol already contains only 70% of alcohol in it.
  4. Hence we have to need to add 100% of rubbing alcohol to the aloe vera ratio. e.g. if aloe vera is 30 gms, we need to add another 30 gms of alcohol in order to make it a strong base.
  5. After adding alcohol, including few drops of vitamin-e into it makes it more skin friendly and doesn’t cause irritation to skin as alcohol is a strong acidic medium.
  6. Lastly, you can substitute vitamin-e with any body oil which also reduces skin irritation and gives a lasting fragrance.

How to test if sanitizer is properly being made?

After applying sanitizer on hand, you should get the alcohol smell first and then fragrance if any.

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