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barista in a black apronI was a barista at Starbucks India. The Coffee giant is known not only for its coffee but most importantly the connection they make with their customers. Starbucks calls their cafe as The Third Place and wants its customers to experience it. Now you might be wondering what is this third place? A man usually spends most of his time at home or in his workplace- giving us the first place and second place in a man’s life. However, Starbucks wanted to introduce this third place where their customers can be comfortable as well as use the cafe as a workplace. This is why all Starbucks have high-speed internet and plug points at each table. Apart from this, the interior and decor of the cafe add to the sweet comfy feeling which they want their customers to experience.starbucks

Starbucks has always been leading in terms of their coffee taste and development. They have Automatic Espresso Maker (Mastrena) at their cafes. However, in recent days they have introduced semi-automatic espresso machines. The difference between automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines is that the work of grinding fresh coffee, tamping (grounded coffee is pressed using 30 lbs of pressure on a potafilter), and then manually adding this potafilter to the espresso machine (White Eagle/ Black Eagle). There is a comparative taste one may get while sipping an espresso from Automatic Machine and while sipping an espresso from Sem-Automatic Machine.

Brew coffee at home

Major Difference which people experience while brewing the same coffee at home is that they do not get the same taste although using the same coffee which barista’s use to brew their coffee at the cafe. There are a few tips that will change the way you brew coffee at home.

  1. Proportion
  2. Grind
  3. Water and Temperature
  4. Freshness
  • infographics on coffee at homeProportion

    Coffee to water proportion is in which coffee releases its actual flavours. Generally, this proportion is in the ratio of 1:18 wherein 1 part of grinded coffee equals to 18 parts of water. This is the most important step in brewing a perfect cup of coffee. To simplify, 2 spoons of 5 gms each coffee powder to 180 ml of water.

  • Grind

    One thing you need to be clear is that there are various brewing method of coffee-namely, French press, Por Over, Aero Press, Chemex and Siphon. Each brewing method requires different grind size coffee beans so as that water to coffee contact time changes thus giving you different flavours of coffee.

  • Water

    Of course if you want your coffee taste good you should use good quality of water. What do you mean by the good quality of water? The Ph level of water should neither be too acidic nor too alkaline thus giving you neutral water. Perfect Temperature of water helps coffee to retain and evolve its flavours. Ideally, it should be between 90-96 degrees celsius, not less not more!

  • Freshness

    During my term as a barista I often heard of a term called “Coffee expires“. What does this mean? This doesn’t mean that drinking this coffee might lead to food poisoning or something, but rather it meant that the flavours which coffee naturally has won’t be active or bold. The strength of this coffee might be very weak. Hence, we should always store our coffee in an airtight container, away from moisture and sunlight. The coffee which is unpacked and transferred to an airtight container is fresh for a term of 7-days.

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